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Rena Margules Share Five Hot Fashion Trends For Summer 2020

Fashion maven Rena M. Margules is sharing the top fashion trends to keep an eye out for this summer as the weather begins to heat up. As a fashion enthusiast and trendsetter, Rena Margules is known for staying on top of what’s hot in the fashion world.

Bermuda shorts – long shorts made of heavy material that lands at the knee – are in right now. According to Rena Margules, this trend can easily be used as a part of a professional look in the office as well as a casual look for a night on the town. Switching up your shoes is a great way to take this look from casual to elegant in just a few seconds.

While your shorts may be all business, Rena Margules mentions that prints on top, especially polka dots, are huge right now. Whether you want to rock polka dots on a big flowy blouse or keep them dainty on a swimsuit, this fun, and relaxed print is the perfect way to provide a light and bright burst of color. If you need to go with a more streamlined look, a polka dot headband or hair scarf is a fun way to bring the trend into a more monochrome look.

Rena Margules says that retro prints are going to be huge in the coming months. There’s no need to worry about looking like your grandma’s couch – even just a touch of retro (on the trim of a shirt, for example) can give you a bit of an edge when it comes to rocking this trend. When you’re keeping an eye out for the retro look, you’ll see plenty of oranges, browns, and yellows. Rena Margules says this is a great look to help you transition into fall once there’s a chill in the air.

The tiny purse trend is over – Rena Margules says that big bags are in for summer. Beachgoers and office workers alike can revel in finally having a stylish bag large enough to pack everything they need to get through the day. Rena Margules recommends tying in one of the other summer trends – like polka dots or retro prints – into your big bag, making it a stylish way to carry your things.

You know summer is all about color, and Rena Margules says that bright leather is one of the hottest looks for June, July, and August. Whether you choose a leather jacket, pants, or a cute leather top for a night on the town, Rena Margules encourages you to go bold and bright.

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Why Rena M. Margules Recommends Walks In Nature While Social Distancing

As COVID-19 creates uncertainty throughout the country, social distancing is one way that people can help prevent the spread of the virus. Rena M. Margules, a part-time real estate manager in Lawrence, New York, understands how important it is to get outside in nature when trying to find some normalcy in everyday life.

Walking In Nature

Even if you aren’t a trail runner, you can get plenty of benefits from going for a walk in nature. Rena M. Margules loves spending time outside, going for a long hike. Dealing with COVID-19 and social distancing hasn’t changed this behavior. As an avid outdoors person, Rena Margules knows that spending time in nature is good for the soul. No matter what your fitness level, a good walk in the fresh air will promote a sense of well-being.

Finding Places to Hike 

If you are getting ready to head out for a hike, there’s no shortage of outdoor space for you to enjoy. Be mindful of others, as social distancing requires that you remain six feet away from people at all times. While some area parks might be closed, nature trails are often open to give people plenty of places to go for a hike. Check online before you head to your favorite spot if you aren’t sure what is open.

Grounding Yourself in Nature

Rena M. Margules recommends spending time in nature so that you can feel more grounded. Consider finding an area that has a small brook or waterfall. Sit in a quiet place and do some meditation. Rena Margules knows that when you take time to ground yourself, you have an easier time dealing with the stress around you. If you can’t go for a long hike, take a ride and sit at a bench while looking out at some water. This can help you feel more centered, relaxed, and ready to deal with anything that comes your way.

As the Weather Gets Warmer

Swimming is another great way to stay in shape and enjoy nature. Rena M. Margules is an excellent swimmer and enjoys keeping fit through swimming. As the weather gets warmer, there will be opportunities to swim outside and take in the surrounding nature. Even with social distancing, it is possible to spend time at a lake and avoid crowds. Rena Margules hopes that the summer will bring fewer restrictions on social distancing, allowing others to spend time by the lake with family and friends.

No matter what challenges COVID-19 brings, Rena M. Margules plans to ease her stress by spending time outdoors. Rena Margules will continue staying as active as possible and will enjoy nature whenever possible.9098

Rena M. Margules

Rena M. Margules Outlines 5 Methods for Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Real estate manager and charity organizer Rena M. Margules outlines 5 methods that have helped her maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In a modern world where people often have to work multiple jobs and fulfill dozens of roles on a daily basis, Rena Margules believes that it is vital to maintain a healthy work-life balance. If your work outweighs your personal life, you could easily succumb to burnout. Your personal relationships will likely suffer as well. Alternatively, if you dedicate too much time to your personal and social life, your finances may not align with your long-term goals. 

Fortunately, Rena M. Margules has revealed some tips for those in need of more balance in their life:

5 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance by Rena M. Margules

Rena M. Margules wears many hats in her daily life. She has carved out a successful career at a real estate management firm. While building her professional credentials, Rena Margules still finds plenty of time to dedicate to her family, enjoy outdoor activities, and contribute to numerous charitable organizations. How does she do it? Let’s find out:

  • “The first step to developing a healthy work-life balance is creating a spectrum for each facet of your life. This way, you can set a minimum and maximum level of involvement for yourself. A lot of people struggle with time management. They dedicate too much time to one activity and not enough to another. This is mostly due to the fact that they don’t make an effort to budget their time efficiently. You’ll need to set a minimum and maximum amount of time for each important activity in your life.” – Rena Margules
  • “Identify the most important parts of your life. Do you have a big family to take care of? Do you want to focus on your career? Or do you want to spend your time traveling the world? No matter your circumstances, you will need to set priorities and stick to them.” – Rena M. Margules
  • “It may sound crazy, but setting a workable budget will go a long way toward developing balance in your life. Setting a budget for yourself will help you determine how much time and effort you’ll need to dedicate to work and wealth management.” – Rena Margules
  • “Eliminate wastefulness in your life. If you trim the fat, it frees up space for the things that really matter the most to you.” – Rena M. Margules
  • “Remember that you’re not in this alone. If you’re struggling with time management or similar problems that don’t allow you to have balance in your life, discuss the matter with close friends and family. They will likely have invaluable advice to offer.” – Rena M. Margules


Rena M. Margules

Fashion Enthusiast Rena M. Margules Releases the Hottest Swimsuit Trends for the Summer of 2020

Fashion enthusiast Rena M. Margules prepares beach goers for the summer of 2020, by releasing her list of the latest swimsuit trends.


Summer 2020 is approaching quickly, and fashion enthusiasts, like Rena M. Margules, are offering their insider tips on hitting the beach in style this season. In 2019, beachgoers saw one-piece suits make a major comeback, and Rena M. Margules says that trend isn’t going anywhere.



“We’re seeing a lot of gorgeous one-piece suits, but we’re also seeing bathing suits in all shapes and sizes,” Rena M. Margules says. “One-pieces with short sleeves, long-sleeved suits, high-rise bottoms, booty shorts — you’ll see them all on the beach this summer.”


Rena M. Margules explains that the trend is heading toward pieces that cover more skin. She states that while swimsuits are leaning toward the more modest side, they still offer peaks of skin, and that’s what makes them so stylish. For many women, this means covering more skin will still be seen as sexy this season.


“These new suits for 2020 are a mixture between sexy and classy, and we as fashion enthusiasts are loving it. More modest women are going to see a lot of suits on the racks that allow them to feel comfortable and still look amazing,” Rena M. Margules says.


Rena M. Margules and other fashion enthusiasts and designers also remarked that we’ll be seeing even more tropical prints at the beach this summer. Designers like Marni, Peter Pilotto, and Fendi all sent suits with flower and jungle prints to the runways this spring.


“The beach is a place where anyone can wear wild prints,” Rena M. Margules says. “Many people who don’t often wear bright colors or prints in everyday life, wear wild colors at the beach. We love that these 2020 swimsuits can bring people out of their shells in terms of fashion.”


Many of the top designers are also releasing swimsuits designed to take you from the beach, to the cafe, and beyond. Rena M. Margules describes that she has been seeing a lot of swimsuits with embellishments, like belts, jewels, finishes, and more. This is a trend men have been enjoying for years — swimsuits that can be worn in the sea and on land — and it’s one fashion designers think a lot of women will get behind in 2020.


“Swimsuits covering more skin, bedazzled with unique embellishments, and featuring fun prints are what we can expect to see on the beaches this summer, and we think women around the globe are going to love it,” Rena M. Margules says.


The latest trends in swimsuit fashion are currently hitting the shelves in anticipation of the 2020 spring break and summer seasons.

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Rena Margules Talks About Her Top Recommendations for Day Hiking

Rena Margules loves day hiking. Nearly every other weekend you’ll find her on one of the many trails near her home or in the mountains. “When I go day hiking, I’m ready for adventure, but I always plan for emergencies,” she says. With approximately 200 days of hiking trips under her belt, she says about 25% of her backpack contains items for protection or survival. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull out an item or two for one of my camping buddies or myself,” she adds. With day hiking becoming more popular every year, here are some tips Rena M. Margules says to help make your next hiking adventure as enjoyable as ever.Rena M Margules

“There are many camping and hiking websites I’ve found,” she begins, “with good suggestions of things you’ll need for a great time hiking.” Rena Margules recommends you put together your own list, especially if day hiking is something you’ll going to be doing more than once. She says to edit it as you learn about other things you’ll want or need on the trip. Some items that you’ll absolutely want to include are things like water, extra food and healthy snacks, a map and a compass, matches and a lighter, first aid items like bandages and antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, wet wipes or baby wipes, sunscreen, toilet paper, insect repellant, flashlights with extra batteries, a whistle, pepper spray, can opener, cash, and your ID. “Binoculars aren’t a necessity,” she adds, “but it’s great to have if you’re going on a scenic hike.”

Rena Margules recommends always taking extra water, more than you think you’ll need. One easy way to do this is with a hydration backpack*. This is a special backpack that has a water reservoir or “bladder” built right into the backpack. It comes with a small hose with a cap that allows you to take a sip of water hands-free. She also recommends wearing appropriate clothing depending on the season, which may include hiking boots, extra socks, rain gear, and layers of clothing that could be removed or added as needed. She explains preparing from home ahead of time is easier than preparing last minute and will keep you from forgetting something important.

Another thing Rena Margules always includes is an emergency thermal blanket*. “This is a survival essential that comes in a compressed, lightweight package,” she explains, and it’s about the size and weight of a pack of microwave popcorn. “If you get lost overnight or even caught in a storm, these little blankets are literally life-saving since they hold your body heat in due to their thermal properties.”

Rena M. Margules says her least used but probably most important item is her LifeStraw Personal Water Filter*. This tiny device can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water and does not have any batteries or moving parts. “I haven’t had to use it yet,” she adds, “but if I ever got lost or ran out of water, this little thing could save my life.”

When considering safety, one thing you’ll absolutely want to do before you leave is to research the trail. Rena Margules says to always take some time to learn about the trail you’re going on. She says countless people get surprised by unusual or difficult trails and are forced to turn back before they’re ready. If you can, print out a copy of the trail map so you can follow it along as you go. In addition, Rena Margules says to tell someone where you’re going ahead of time, just in case. She points out that professional hikers recommend you print out 2 itineraries, leaving one with a friend and the other in your car.

“Being prepared,” Rena M. Margules says, “will lessen your chances that you’ll become another statistic and will ensure you’ll have the best time on your hiking adventure.”

hydration backpack* –
emergency thermal blanket* –
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter* –

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Rena Margules Talks About Why Hiking in Nature is Her Favorite Sport

The activity of hiking, whether as a group sport or simply for solitude and reflection, has become synonymous with fitness and wellness. Whether it’s on a mountain or a park trail, hiking is an activity that thousands of people love to do every day. Here, Rena Margules discusses why hiking is her favorite sport.

Rena Margules at a Chinese festival

Part of what makes us choose the activities we love is the aesthetic value, Rena Margules begins. “There’s nothing quite so breathtaking as the sun rising over a mountain trail,” she says.

It’s true that where you live and what you surround yourself with can affect your happiness level. Rena Margules talks about a publication from 2015 entitled Untangling What Makes Cities Livable: Happiness in Five Cities. This paper shows that city people don’t necessarily get their happiness from things we’d expect, like big houses, fancy cars, and the best clothes. This paper goes on to suggest that the cumulative effects of living in an aesthetically pleasing city had the greatest effects on happiness, which means that beautiful surroundings can have a profound effect on you, Rena Margules says. How much more beautiful can you get than being surrounded by nature? When I get to choose between hiking and working out in the gym, there’s really no comparison, she adds.

“Another reason I love hiking so much is that it pumps up your blood,” Rena Margules says. “Hiking is one of the activities I do to release endorphins and make me happier,” she adds. It’s an activity she can share with someone she loves, she says, or do alone if she needs to get away. Rena Margules says when she’s with a friend, sometimes she likes to go slow and enjoy a quiet conversation, or it can be a fast heart-pumping activity if we want to exercise. If she’s by herself, she says she enjoys the internal dialogue “where I can just not think at all and give my brain a rest. Sometimes I’ll even sing as I walk, and that is most relaxing.”

“Hiking helps me appreciate the small things in life, like the sounds of birds or the rustle of squirrels in the trees,” Rena Margules says. The greenery all around, the view from the top of a mountain, and the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair — these are all things I can’t get from working out in a gym, she says. It’s a great way to unplug and de-stress from life, she adds.

There’s an old folk song that goes, “I’m happy when I’m hiking, pack upon my back,” Rena Margules says with a smile. “So, I know I’m not the only one.”