Rena Margules

Rena Margules Share Five Hot Fashion Trends For Summer 2020

Fashion maven Rena M. Margules is sharing the top fashion trends to keep an eye out for this summer as the weather begins to heat up. As a fashion enthusiast and trendsetter, Rena Margules is known for staying on top of what’s hot in the fashion world.

Bermuda shorts – long shorts made of heavy material that lands at the knee – are in right now. According to Rena Margules, this trend can easily be used as a part of a professional look in the office as well as a casual look for a night on the town. Switching up your shoes is a great way to take this look from casual to elegant in just a few seconds.

While your shorts may be all business, Rena Margules mentions that prints on top, especially polka dots, are huge right now. Whether you want to rock polka dots on a big flowy blouse or keep them dainty on a swimsuit, this fun, and relaxed print is the perfect way to provide a light and bright burst of color. If you need to go with a more streamlined look, a polka dot headband or hair scarf is a fun way to bring the trend into a more monochrome look.

Rena Margules says that retro prints are going to be huge in the coming months. There’s no need to worry about looking like your grandma’s couch – even just a touch of retro (on the trim of a shirt, for example) can give you a bit of an edge when it comes to rocking this trend. When you’re keeping an eye out for the retro look, you’ll see plenty of oranges, browns, and yellows. Rena Margules says this is a great look to help you transition into fall once there’s a chill in the air.

The tiny purse trend is over – Rena Margules says that big bags are in for summer. Beachgoers and office workers alike can revel in finally having a stylish bag large enough to pack everything they need to get through the day. Rena Margules recommends tying in one of the other summer trends – like polka dots or retro prints – into your big bag, making it a stylish way to carry your things.

You know summer is all about color, and Rena Margules says that bright leather is one of the hottest looks for June, July, and August. Whether you choose a leather jacket, pants, or a cute leather top for a night on the town, Rena Margules encourages you to go bold and bright.

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